Ananda Arthouse
Housed, Living Art.


Shannon Shakotko introducing the night's performers

Regina's Brandy Moore , Mike Schudel and Shane Grass

Sarah Sangster, first recipient of the Ananda Arthouse Arts Award at Stoughton Central School's 2004 graduation

Joel Fafard Trio
Joel (guitar), Jeremy Penner (violin), Gilles Fournier (acoustic bass)

Ananda board members, Bill Bunn (Calgary), Keith and Vivian Walker (Saskatoon)

Regina's Brandy Moore performing with Gerry Pittet

Brava (Laura Smith, Cindy Church, and Susan Crowe)

Brava's fearless driver and amazing accompanist Fred Guignon

Don Shakotko catches up on his beekeeping skills during the annual board meeting

Board member Kirsten Ehrich (Boston, MA)

Regina's Norm Walker

Saskatoon's Paddy Tutty on the fretted dulcimer and Susan Bond on guitar

Calgary's The Fates - Jenny Allen, Lin Elder, Lori Reid

One of Spring for Ananda's guest performances - Anthony "Buzz" Bzdell, Lorri Solomon, Lane Easton

Ness Creek Festival's Crooked Creek - Byron Olsen, Jane (Rocky Lakner forgot to come back from the Yukon), and Donny Millikin

Winnipeg's Easily Amused - Renee Lamoureux and Keith Macpherson

Keith and Renee entertaining in the Arthouse's kitchen after-party

Regina's Jack Semple with Dave Chabot

Dave Chabot amusing Jack Semple spontaneously on the blues accordian

Lumsden's Joel Fafard

Saskatoon's Eileen Laverty

Regina's Denise Gerein, accompanied by husband Tony

Lowry Olafson from Gibson's Landing, B.C.

Lumsden's Marny Duncan-Cary, accompanied by Regina's Shamma Sabir

Regina's Ray Bell

Shakotko's and Nickel's on the day of the Rectory's 100th anniversary celebration

Formerly of Toronto, currently from Victoria, B.C. Reid Jamieson

Reid Jamieson and Carolyn V. Mill
(our amazing website creator, designer, maintainer, and nurturer)

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Early spring at the arthouse

Stage "after the gig". Chairs are put away to create our dance floor for another few weeks.

"My forebears have bequethed to me the basic structure of my own particular pattern, both in my cells and in the underwater areas of my imagination. . . so the family protraits mean a great deal to me - as beacons to guide me." -Madeleine L'Engle

"The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serentiy of books." -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The kitchen at the arthouse

Comfy kitchen chairs for great conversations

It's 10:00 p.m., the dishes are done and the dogs look happy.



Rudbekia (brown-eyed susan's)

Prairie artichoke!

Rustic birdhouse




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