The Happy Nun is part of an idea cabal affectionately known as timshel, a Hebrew expression which loosely translates as 'you may.'  Timshel represents God's greatest gift to humankind, that of free will. We interpret timshel to mean 'the way is open' for us to choose whatever road that inspires us and to pursue it with passion.

Timshel gives us the courage and confidence to try all sorts of things that fit with our mission to promote and encourage faith, art and leadership and to find ways to make our corner of the world brighter.   Over the years, we have found several vehicles that allow us to bring these values to life

1.  The Ananda Arthouse began in our house ( a former Catholic rectory) as a way for us to promote and encourage the arts, faith, and leadership in Southeast Saskatchewan.

2.  The Happy Nun Cafe emerged when our Arthouse could no longer physically  accommodate the scope of our mission.  Ananda now uses this venue for almost all of our concerts.

3.  The Inn of the Seven Sisters came out of our need to nurture artists and pilgrims passing through our village.  We offer three beautifully appointed rooms, an excellent home-cooked breakfast and access to one of the finest private libraries in the province.

4.  St. Ambrose Apiary is a strong symbol of our commitment to caring for our environment.  Our noble 'ladies' produce fine small-batch honey which we bottle untreated and direct from the comb.  We also offer limited quantities of specialty honey which has been  infused with herbs grown in our garden.

5.  The Meditative Tree Walk, originally conceived and constructed by the French Sisters who founded the Convent at Forget, is currently being restored.  We trust that this beautiful area will be a source of spiritual refreshment for many.

A wise man once said, 'when you come to a fork in the road, take it.'  I think those words of wisdom apply quite well to our idea of timshel.  The way is open for each of us, the roads are endless.  Our task as human beings is to choose (that's faith), act (that's the arts), and take responsibility for the choice (and that's leadership).

there's roads and there's roads and they call can't you hear it
roads of the earth and roads of the spirit
the best roads of all are the ones that aren't certain
one of those is where you'll find me till they drop the big curtain

Bruce Cockburn, Child of the Wind

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